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Exposition" Florian Ecker, Florian Lechner, Hermann Pitz | All artworks from the exhibition available at our ART-Shop

"Exposition" brings works by the young Munich artists Florian Ecker (*1977) and Florian Lechner (*1981) to Zweigstelle Berlin. Displayed on a freestanding wall alongside works by this pair of sculptors is a large photowork. This contribution from Hermann Pitz (*1956) represents a central focus within the presentation. It not only refers to the Berlin–Munich axis in relation to Pitz's biography, but also resides between the works of Ecker and Lechner in thematic and formal terms.

Ecker     Lechner     Pitz

Images: Florian Ecker "Ohne Titel in Stereo / Edit", Skulptur 2015/ 2016 | Florian Lechner "Raumbild (16020903)", 2016, Foto: © Florian Lechner / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn