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A TRANS @ Zweigstelle Berlin, feat. SWA Group_Destination of Excellence "SACRED_TECTURE"

In the framework of our annual program A RECIPRO-CITY, A TRANS presents three exhibitions that deal with the theme of reciprocity. Recprocity is a fundamental principle of human activity, and so implicit in life to investigate the space which environs us. The work of SWA Group is, since it´s founding 20 years ago by Sebastian Wagner, a permanent journey through sacred_tecture. This manifests itself in the choice of projects, clients and research done by SWA Group. Many works had been done in combination with Amrit Kaur Khalsa (born from a catholic, shamanic family in Mexico, who later converted into a Sikh). Her influence on the spiritual components of the projects appear in many aspects in the architecture and art work of the Studio. Sacred_tecture is a subject which is based on different aspects of spatial development. One is the old and long known tradition of Sacred Geometry, which finds it´s way back into the mainstream of a holistic yogic lifestyle. Other aspects are the use of certain symbols and languages (Mandalas, Sanskrit Mantras ....) in architecture. Furthermore the holistic aspects always include an universal relation. Nonational orientations but universal views are implanted into the design works. This finds itself back in color, smell, ritual and many more aspects. The works, which had been undertaken in countries such as India, Mexico, Germany had been reached a high acceptance from the clients of the Studio. Sebastian Wagner was asked to represent the work to the International Architecture Academy and to the UNESCO, the government of Uttarakhand in India and many other places worldwide.

Happy Talk + Closing Reception: 7.3.2015, 4pm
Prof. Dr. Bernd Nicolai, Universität Bern meets Sebastian Wagner | Ritual + Music

Duration: - 7.3.2015 | Hours: Fr-Sa 2-7pm