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The program A Recipro-City of A TRANS will examine the relationship of exhibiting artists and their work to the city in all its aspects. It seeks the influence of urban surroundings have on artistic practice. The work of Dutch artist group EX-MKH is based on creating space and fostering interaction; interaction of the collaborators, of the artists and the exhibition spaces with each their own social and cultural character, of the interaction with invited artists, their public and with new visitors. Ex-MKH creates space in two ways: in a very literal sense by research into exhibition spaces and in a mental sense creating space by developing new ideas or by treading unknown paths. EX-MKH is the name for the collaboration of visual artists Ellen Rodenberg, Kees Koomen and Maarten Schepers. To Berlin EX-MKH is presenting a new layered exhibition in and around the gallery-space in which they will relate to the actual urban surroundings in Berlin. They will also engage in the local socio-cultural situation and will try to activate the public. Next to the exhibition they will perform actions in the public spaces of Berlin and during the Happy Talk in the gallery space.

Duration: 12.9.-31.10.2015 | Hours: Fr + Sa 2-7pm

Closing Reception + Happy Talk: 31.10.2015 um 16:00 with EX-MKH + Isolde Nagel & music

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