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A TRANS feat. Ellinor Euler | tantamount | 11.7.-5.9.2015

Duration: 11.7.-5.9.2015 | Hours: Fr + Sa 2-7pm

Part of  Project Space Festival Berlin 2015

Ellinor Euler has traded in her pencil for a pistol, and draws now with hot glue, as she strives consistently toward continually greater complexity and material concentration. Now, she translates the structures she has tested out in two dimensions into relief-style spatial structures. Using the hot glue pistol, she builds a real structure, a congealed concentrate of time and space that is nonetheless mobile. This circumscribed space appears to us as a chaos that must be deciphered. It is dependent upon the point of view of the beholder, who is able to influence the degree of superimposition by interacting with the objects and sculptures. From her trips to India, Euler brings back beads and sequins, which she joins together with hot glue to form objects. In the exhibition tantamount, Ellinor Euler shows spatial drawings and objects in interplay with one another. She investigates space as such, exploring the spatial extension of objects and transforming both into something new. The result is a variety of diverse perspectives; enacted here is a permanent process of change.

The presentation at the Project Space Festival Berlin 2015 will be accompanied by the composer Jaroslaw Ilski (PL) with a sound installation and performance on 8.8.2015, 4pm and 6pm. The exhibition will end by a Happy Talk and finissage.

Taking place almost simultaneously from Aug 20 to Sept 27, 2015 will be an exhibition for the 2014 travel scholarship holders of the MWFK Brandenburg: Ellinor Euler and Ilka Raupach, BOMBAY GLITTER MEETS ARCTIC OCEAN, at Galerie M Potsdam.