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Henrjeta Mece "Invisible cities"

Duration: April 12th - May 4th, 2014 | Thur/Fr 2-7pm, Sat 11am-4pm, during Gallery Weekend Berlin (May 2-4) open on Fr 2-7pm, Sat/Sun 11am-4pm

"Invisible Cities" by Henrjeta Mece is a series of painting reliefs on canvas that draw upon experience, desire, and memory and their reconstructions in relation to urban landscape. Starting with a sensation of a known place, the artwork traces over and over (in parts or, as a whole) the topological map of Berlin which, morphs through various compositions as such, forming distorted reliefs of the original city sites. Similar to Italo Calvino's poetic book by the same title, this body of work explores our perceptions of place while, reminding us that we are the architects of our dreams and that cities are built From and Of imagination.

Henrjeta Mece’s practice explores issues related to the body, time, place and sense of belonging. Challenged by the world’s state in flux, her artwork references contemporary experiences of travel, mobility, borders, and diasporas. Mece’s artistic process employs reterritorialization as a method to: create images that allude to maps, remap a location outside of geographical systems of organization, and produce a temporary place of belonging. Without using direct biographical material, her multimedia installations focus on materializing trajectories rather than destinations. The artwork itself exists in the process as much as, in the object and remains a course in the struggle to be positioned.

Henrjeta Mece is a multidisciplinary artist, curator, writer and educator. She completed her BFA at Ontario College of Art & Design (Canada) and later, her MFA. Mece is the recipient of numerous awards including, Vtape Fellowship, Canada Millennium Excellence Award, and various Ontario Arts Council grants. Mece’s artwork and curatorial projects have been exhibited in venues including, Museum of Canadian Contemporary Art, 2011; Banff Centre of the Arts 2009-2010; Tirana Institute for Contemporary Art, 2012 Zweigstelle Berlin 2012, and ISCP, New York, 2013.

Images: "Cities and the dead" (Detail), 2014, painting relief, acrylic on canvas, 91x122 cm