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Exhibition & Book Release: Saturday, 13. 9. 2014 at 4 pm

Duration: 13. – 20. 9. 2014 | Opening hours: Fri + Sat 4 – 7 pm

Starting point of Dutch artist Marian Wijnvoord for the Living Room Project Berlin is the wish to see her paintings in a private environment. „The idea is very simple“, Wijnvoord says, „I appreciate the privacy of the home as a setting for my work, an experience very different then one you would have in an art gallery. How does a painting function next to the cornflakes and the ashtray? What is it like, to live with a work over a period of time?“ In spring 2014, 18 participants came to Wijnvoord's studio to choose a work, took it to their homes and found a place for it. After three months Wijnvoord took photographs of the painting in this enviroment. These photographs result in a publication that shows the elements that were at the base of this project: the intimacy of a private home and this atmosphere as the setting for the painting. We are happy to welcome you for the book release of the Living Room Project Berlin. Parallel to this presentation recent paintings of Marian Wijnvoord will be on view in the gallery.