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Are you an artist? Are you interested in studying art? Do you want to know what drives the art market? Or do you simply want to know how to become a successful artist? From the first-hand experience of a world-renowned artist, this book gives you a deep insight into the art world and reveals how you can become successful yourself. The two authors got together with a world-famous artist and asked for some advice. From these conversations – supplemented with input from fellow artists, gallery owners, collectors, and curators, as well as their own rich experiences in the art world – this book was written. It is the first book that analyzes the art system from the inside out and gives you all the necessary knowledge for your career as an artist in a clearly structured form.

"Everything for art - How to be a successful artist", Book, 175 pages, 19 x 12,5 cm, € 15,-  (german)/ € 18,- (english).

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About us.

The portfolio of the online gallery Zweigstelle Berlin includes numerous works of art from the fields of photography, painting and sculpture, as well as artists' books and collectors' editions from Salon Verlag. The company, based in Germany, Bavaria is also a "brand partner" of the MEISSEN Porcelain Manufactory and offers its selected design products.


Zweigstelle Berlin is running the project space "augsburg contemporary".There we show exhibitions with positions of artists from our portfolio.


In addition, we organize our exhibition format "Domestic Space" at irregular intervals with works by our artists at different locations in Germany. 

3D Gallery

In our 3D gallery, we give you dynamic access to art. Get close to works of art or walk around them - you can move freely in the virtual space.


Positions Berlin (2023, with augsburg contemporary), Roter Kunstsalon (2023-19), Art Karlsruhe (2009/11), Scope Basel (2009).

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